Our Team

Zé Magalhães


Born in the city of Porto in 1989, graduated in Cultural Animation.
at the Viseu School of Education. Shows interest in Theatre, Circus Arts, Animation, Performance and the Clown. In the desire to develop and discover new ways to improve skills as an animator came the Clown. After a workshop guided by Ilda Teixeira, he fell in love with the art of the clown.
He was part of the group: Clown Laboratori Porto for 8 years He has been teaching Dramatic Expression classes since February 2011.
He is part of the The Four Winds Theatre Company.

Eva Ribeiro

Artist / Coordinator

Born in 1985, Eva Ribeiro graduated in 2007 in Theatre at Escola Superior Artística do Porto and, soon after, in Physical Theatre at École Internacional de Théàtre Jacques Lecoq, in Paris. As an actress she takes part in different shows in the genres of street theatre, children’s theatre and puppet theatre. She also studies dance, circus and music.
He participates in different festivals and collaborates with companies in Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium, Brazil and Argentina, Romania and Slovenia. Since 2008 she has been offering workshops in community theatre and in the universe of the clown. She participates since a young age in national and European projects of social intervention.
She currently lives and works in Porto as an artist and coordinator of the Clowns Visitors project.

Rafaela Santos


From the 1987 caste, I present Rafaela Santos, known to all as “Rafa”.
After several years of artistic training and enrichment of the soul, Rafa has dedicated her entire life to stages, streets, festivals, fairs and independent artistic projects.
It all started in a theatrical initiation course at Chapitô and at Espaço Evoé, in the same area. This was followed by a degree in Theatre-Interpretation and Staging at the Escola Superior Artística do Porto; various training courses in Mask and Puppets, in Portugal and Spain. Along the way, she had professional experiences as a director and actress in several artistic works collaborating with different theatrical companies. Also, in an IPSS of the port, she joined a team of trainers, where she took the joy of the theatre to children, promoting their social integration and that of their families.
Currently, it is surrendered to the Art of Clown.

Joana Brandão


Joana Brandão was born in 1998 in Lisbon. She is a dreamer by profession. She works in the Circus, Theatre and Performing Arts areas. In 2019 she finished the course of Performing Techniques and Circus Animation at the Professional School of Performing Arts and Crafts, Chapitô, Lisbon. In addition to Performing Arts, he also studied Fine Arts, Drawing and Painting. Since 2015, she has participated in regular courses and workshops with various masters in the Clown Arts, Object Handling and Equilibrium. 

Occasionally, she provides training to children in the circus area. At the moment he is also interested in the areas of Magic and Theatre of Gesture, which he thinks will enrich his work.

She seeks to create excellent relationships with the public. Spreading joy and being able to reach everyone, contributing to a world in which everyone is happier.

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Tom Roos

Artist / Trainer

Born in 1954 in South Africa. In 1982, he created the company ‘WurreWurre’ with Philippe De Maertelaere and the dog Boost, a duo clownesco entirely dedicated to the promotion of the useless. Afterwards, he represented in venues and festivals all over the world. Tom Roos is also a theatre teacher (specialized in clowning) and a director in Belgium and abroad. After 2000, he works regularly in Soweto, South Africa, with children and adolescents who have left the ghettos. He also continues his career as an actor and director.
Since 2000, Tom Roos, with the support of the Flemish Community, has been working on a regular basis in Soweto with the Ipelegeng Community Centre to create high quality street and theatrical performances with young people from the municipality.
He also works internationally as a director, comedian, storyteller, clown and teacher.
Since 2014, Tom Roos has been one of the co-founders of “CONTACTCLOWN IN DE ZORG”, a professional group of care clowns for people with dementia and people with mental disabilities.
Tom Roos is also an active member of Clowns Without Borders Belgium, and has conducted several missions in refugee centres in Belgium and Lebanon.


Cristina Pires

Psychology / Psycho-geriatric Counseling

I have experience as a Clinical Psychologist at the São Francisco Xavier Hospital in Community Mental Health Teams and in Gerontopsychiatry consultation;
Responsible for dementia screening in the community as part of the Community Program for Gerontopsychiatry at Egas Moniz Hospital. I have a post-graduate degree in Continuous and Palliative Care and a degree in Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychology, as well as in cognitive rehabilitation in the main neuropsychological syndromes.
I have specialised in early detection and intervention in dementias and have been collaborating since 2016 with the Clowns Visitors project.


Miguel Marques

Collaborator/ Communication and Audiovisual

I was born in Carnaxide in 1976. Eight years later, my family moved to the district of Aveiro, where I completed high school.
In 1999, I attended the CENJOR Photojournalism Workshop and joined the Jornal Universitário do Porto as an amateur photojournalist. The following year, I finished my degree in Philosophy at the University of Porto and began my career as a teacher.
In 2010, I started attending the IPF-Porto Professional Photography Course, which I interrupted to teach at the Porto Higher School of Education. In October 2014, and having already completed the training at IPF, I joined as a photojournalist-trainees at the Globalimagens agency, where I stayed until February 2015.
Currently living in Porto, I work as a freelance photographer in various areas.

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