One smile per day

Bringing good humour and good humour into the social contexts of our audiences is one of our concerns. We want to promote a healthy form of social intervention based on a logic of affection, where we allow to meet the wealth and potential of the human being. Our mission is to make people smile and we want to widen the reach of our laughter more and more.

Palhaços Visitadores bringing laughter where it's needed most!

The project Clowns Visitors has as main objective to transform contexts of isolation through the language of the clown. A project of social intervention through art that hopes to reach the most diverse audiences that need a “good laugh”.

In the Clowns Visitors project we intend to create bridges between art and the community. We are an artistic project of community character that aims to bring moments of artistic enjoyment to contexts often deprived of culture and social interaction.

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